• Dr. Raghav Malik

COVID-19 And Eyecare

Yes, we know, COVID-19 is here, and its here to stay.

The Novel Coronavirus belongs to a family of viruses that is possibly zoonotic (Animal) in origin, and has now become pathogenic in man. According to a Chinese research, a third (1 in 3) COVID-19 patients have manifestations in the eye.

The common eye manifestations include Pink eye (Viral Conjunctivitis), where the eye gets pinkish-red, and feels itchy, watery and there is a foreign body sensation. Most patients develop eye symptoms after development of Lung infection with the virus. A very small portion of patients may JUST have eye symptoms, and no other body symptoms at all. Again, that is a very small portion.

So, if you or your relative, develop a Fever/Cough/Difficulty in Breathing + Pink eye, there is no harm in getting a NASAL/Conjunctival swab for early diagnosis. Most Stats say that 80-90% COVID-19 infections are mild and the patient recovers spontaneously. This however, myst not make us complacent.

A fun-fact. A Chinese ophthalmologist that was one of the first whistle-blowers against the COVID-19 infection lost his life to the virus after contracting it during one of his clinics. Studies also say that the virus can enter the human body with the droplets/fomites from an infected patient coming in contact with the conjunctiva. Hence, the need of eye-protective gear.

All that being said, were in this together and we will come through with flying colours.

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